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2 min readJan 6, 2021

It is amazingly beautiful and has a lot to offer in terms of art, history and good food and wine, Budapest, Hungary, is one of the best places for students to study abroad. All four corners of the country are worth checking out and exploring — from its photo galleries and rivers and its mythical castles to its hiking trails. Not surprisingly, the country is home to many of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Hungary National Museum

If there is one place you can visit in Budapest to really understand what the world is all about, it could be the Hungary National Museum. Those who visit the country to study abroad can get everything they need for one visit; the museum has thousands of historical artifacts representing the past of Hungary. In the first level of the museum, there are prehistoric fossils and objects dating to the ninth century; The second level preserves the collection of art objects representing the period in which the country was inhabited by the Magyars until the fall of communism; and the basement features objects from the Roman period and the Middle Ages to the first modern period. Notable features include the Celtic gold jewelery found in the treasury, the magnificent Baroque library, and the authentic Beethoven piano.

House of Fear

A favorite among tourists, Hungary called House of Terror is not your awesome house. In fact, it gained its reputation through its association with the secret police of the Hungarian AVH, which was in charge before and after the last World War. The secret police brought any unsuspecting suspects into the house for investigation and torture, often with a fatal outcome. Because of its place in history, no matter how disgusting, the House of Terror is worth a visit, especially for students who come here to study abroad. Now a museum to remind present and future generations of the government’s will to commit crimes against humanity, the House of Terror features reconstructed prison cells and a Gallery of Gallery, as well as an outer wall with photographs of many victims.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is so named after the massacre of the most important ancient buildings and museums found here. In fact, for those who come to study in Hungary, this is the first place they will be notified to visit. Extending a distance of less than a mile [less than a kilometer], this rocky outcrop (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is home to several cultural and artistic museums in Budapest. Within the walled area, you will find the Old City and the Royal Palace (now home to two major museums). The old city still has a strong medieval atmosphere, with its own ‘houses’, and the Royal Palace is the site of the first palace of the 1200s. Below Castle Hill is a network of underground caves that spans about 28 miles. The caves served as air raids during the last World War and the deployment of troops during the Cold War.

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