Shopping online is a rising trend

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INTERNET Company- Today’s path to e-commerce and global trade

Everyone is aware of today’s rapid growth of the internet. Day by day, the Internet continues to expand and has made the Global Village a reality. The Internet has consolidated itself in just a few years as a very influential medium that has changed the way we do business and the way we interact. The Internet, like no other means of communication, has brought the world an international dimension or, if you prefer, a “Globalized” For millions of people, the Internet has become the universal source of knowledge at home, at school, and at work.

Internet Past and Development

In December 1995, the number of Internet users was 16 million and, by March 2009, it had risen to 1,596 million. This clearly shows that, when it comes to business profitability, you should not disregard the influence of the Internet.

An increasing trend for online shopping is

Since its emergence in the early 1990s, online shopping has expanded into every corner of life, connecting people in regular and everyday ways to the culture of capitalism. It encourages us to purchase what we want, when we want, at our convenience and helps us to visualize purchasing, owning, and getting positive results from the items available on the web. For others, shopping has become a way of distinguishing ourselves by what we buy and how we use such purchases in today’s society. Since its first online presence in society, online shopping in USA has always been a middle-to-high-class commodity.

Why is online shopping favoured by consumers?

A broader alternative is enjoyed by consumers.

The overall simplicity of finding a commodity

Minimization of total effort to shop

No need for suppliers and no buying pressure


Consumers should check the best range of any store than any

The E-commerce Benefits

For retail firms, e-commerce levels the playing field. Even if you’re a small, home-based business, with a simple website, you can create a global reach. Everyone can read about your product anywhere with an Internet connection, and even better, buy it! In different towns, you don’t have to set up physical locations. To attract the attention of potential online customers, you just need to invest in a good web site design and the right online ads. Plus, the Internet never shuts down. This means your website runs 24/7 for you. People are able to read your marketing documents, test and purchase your goods beyond regular business hours.

Product Revenues for e-commerce

In the United States in 2006, e-commerce product sales totaled $146.4 billion, representing about 6 percent of the country’s retail product sales. Roughly 10% of the domestic market accounted for the $18.3 billion worth of clothes sold online. Taking a look at other markets that are

It means shutting the door to thousands and even millions of dollars without a website.

Get one if you own a corporation and you don’t have a website.

If a website is open to you, but it only acts as an online business card, then you leave money on the table.

Websites are able to do so much more than just promote your business. Automated passive sales of a range of different items can be made for you.

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Ecommerce’s Future

The 2008 e-commerce sales were estimated at over 50 billion amid the economic downturn and fears of the recession hitting the UK. This is an improvement from 2007 of over 25 percent. Online marketing analysts expect that online sales will continue to increase steadily for at least the next two years in the UK B2C market overall. The likelihood of success in an online company is generated by more and more people shopping online.




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