Magic Show and The Illusionists Dubai

The Illusionists in Dubai: Meet the gang

The professional magicians in Dubai can do everything from knife throwing, ventriloquism and comedy routines

Knife throwing, ventriloquism, comedy routines and unexpected escape — welcome to Broadway’s The Illusionists, a jam-packed stage production landing in Dubai on May 1st.

The illusionists are packing up their treasure troves of tricks after a series of magic shows in Dubai— the last one was on Saturday — and going to Madinat Theatre for a week-long residency.

Meet the seven skilled magicians who will continue to mystify and entertain audiences in the UAE this week — many of whom you may have spotted on television talent shows —

As the community is named, the Illusionists are a collective of talented magicians and entertainers who make people rethink their views about what is true and what is not. These globally renowned magicians will perform a range of acts on their tour to Dubai, ranging from mind reading, Russian roulette, incredible levitation acts and a spectacular mix of disappearances and escapees.

Visit the Dubai World Trade Center from 28 August to 7 September if you want to be completely captivated by the distinct works of these nine different magicians. Yet remember to book hotels in Dubai beforehand to avoid being disappointed!


Accuracy to Alfredo Silva and Kristina Prokopiuk is a matter of life or death. The daredevil team executes a trick between the slits of your fingers that you can only watch: knife throw. Silva, a circus artist from the sixth generation who studied magic and juggling, has made a career out of this risky act. In 2016 Silva has made it to America’s Got Talent semi-finals.


the UK, the fast-talking Paul Dabek is known for his extraordinarily funny performance style, incorporating a strong dose of cheeky stand-up material into his magic shows. The swift-witted Dabek can fly his tongue quicker than you can see with his hands what he is doing, winning him the fair and square title of Trickster.


made an impact on the talent show Britian’s Got Talent with his shaved head and chiselled face, as he pulled dove after dove out of thin air. Also invited to one of the most prestigious events of all time was Oake, a Canadian sleight-of-hand artist — Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday party, where he got to play for her and the Royal Family at a private dinner.


Krendl has tried to achieve the impossible from the age of ten, resulting from his obsession with the notorious escape rituals of Houdini. Krendl has been improving his skill set from Virginia for years, working on cruise ships and in resorts around the world. You may also have spotted him on the Impractical Jokers TV show, where he was a stunt expert on an act of escape by Houdini water tank.


Raymond Crowe, the Australian trickster who uses physical comedy to connect with the viewer, is an appropriate name for slapstick magician. Crowe is a professional mime, shadow puppeteer and ventriloquist who was a finalist on Australia’s Got Talent in 2013. He also participated in the 2007 Royal Variety Show in the UK where he appeared in front of Queen Elizabeth.

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