Coming to Turkey as a Student


High-quality and relatively inexpensive Turkish schools (primary & secondary education) and their colleges and universities (tertiary education). The majority of international students from western China (the Xinjiang Uyghur region where Turkish is spoken) and other Turkish countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan come to Turkey. Study in Turkey, there are very few Western students, specifically for educational purposes.

Foreign students are involved in training in Turkey. Disciplines

In Turkey, there are over 400 English-taught masters to which you can apply. You could have a difficult time choosing the right program with such a vast, internationally-oriented bid. Ok … you need to know your history first and what you want to do. After that, testing what the most common disciplines are for international students interested in Turkey does not hurt.

Click for more details for Pakistani students: study in Turkey for Pakistani students

In Turkey, student visas

Foreigners can apply for a Turkish student visa only after they have been approved by a Ministry of Education accredited Turkish educational institution, whether that is a school, university or language course.

According to the Turkish consular website for the UK, a student applicant would need:

1. A completed visa application form ( (using capital letters to fill it in)

2. A passport that is valid for at least 60 days after your planned stay ends. 3. An e-visa; an exemption from visas; or a residency permit

4. A photograph in passport format

5. A letter of approval from the educational institution you will attend (one accredited by the Ministry of Education)

6. A confirmation letter from your school in the UK if you’re coming to Turkey as an exchange student

7. Non-British people applying from the UK will require a UK residency permit valid for a one-year (minimum) period.

8. Your most recent bank accounts for two months indicate a decent amount of savings (at least £ 3,000 for a stay of six months)

9. If you have a sponsor: a letter from the sponsor, bank statements from the sponsor and a copy of his or her passport.

10. Details of accommodation, if available

Where do students in Turkey interested in a Master’s programme come from?

You will eventually think of what other foreign students you are likely to encounter when applying to a Turkish university, and who else wants to graduate in the country that brought civilization agriculture (and still gives us the most hazelnuts in the world). People who are most interested in studying in Turkey come from the following countries, according to our website traffic data from 2017.

3,012 Indian students went to Turkey

2,237 Pakistani students visited Turkey

1,463 Nigerian students came to Turkey from

861 U.S. students went to Turkey

688 Egyptian students came to Turkey from602 Jordanian students went to Turkey

602 Malaysian students came to Turkey from

Saudi Arabia’s 516 students went to Turkey

516 Indonesian students went to Turkey

The following documents should be sent to a local state office in order to apply for Turkish citizenship.

• Latest and legal passport

• 4 images of the passport size

• Papers (if applicable) concerning your spouse and children

• Certificate of Health

• Turkish language proficiency certificate (through an interview with a Turkish government official, the applicant can receive this certificate)

In addition, a foreigner who has been married to a Turkish citizen for three years and is still married to that spouse may apply under certain specified conditions.

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